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Bringing Your New Puppy Home (6 months +)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Sweetgrass English Bulldogs has put together some awesome guides for English Bulldog puppy care. Not only will it help you give your puppy the best start in life, it will help to avoid future problems as your baby grows and develops.

These guides are broken up by age range: First, what to do when your puppy us a newborn through 8 weeks old (yes, you should be preparing for your puppy’s arrival before they come home!). Next, what to do when your baby is ready for pickup! This happens around 8-12 weeks. After that, we provide training tips on what to do when your puppy is around 12 weeks – 6 months old (SEB calls this age range the “fun time”, because your puppy’s personality is starting to show!). Finally, we provide some things you can build on once your puppy is 6 months old and beyond.

Finally, let’s discuss how you can further you puppy’s training and development once they reach 6 months (and beyond!):


PUPPY AGE: 6 months +

Your puppy's personality and mannerisms are almost fully matured; however, English Bulldog puppies are still learning! Continue with reward-based training & keeping all experiences positive:

1. If you have any concerns on how your puppy is acting, don't be afraid to contact your vet, breeder, puppy class instructor, etc.

2. Consider more advanced training courses if your puppy has mastered the basics.

3. Around 10-12 months of age, your puppy's dietary needs will change, and you should consider switching them (gradually) to an adult food.

"I would prefer cookies, but I guess I'll eat dog food"

4. If you are not breeding your English Bulldog puppy, reach out to your vet about spay/neuter options.

5. There are certain vaccines that will need to be repeated yearly (including rabies!) - put these on your calendar to ensure you don't miss a yearly vaccine appointment!



PUPPY AGE: 8 weeks +

Sweetgrass English Bulldogs provides lifetime breeder support to anyone purchasing a puppy from us! Got a question? Let us know!

We always welcome and encourage update pictures! Sweetgrass English Bulldogs loves seeing pictures and videos of your babies enjoying their new home!

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