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Keep in Touch with Your Breeder!

There's a strong chance you've developed a relationship with your breeder since making the purchase of your new English Bulldog puppy. They've sent you tons of pictures and videos over the past few weeks and know your situation inside and out - they're pretty much family! Your breeder is your go-to resource when you have questions or problems, and they should be open for questions throughout the life of your dog. After all, the breeder is the expert on English Bulldogs and your puppy's specific bloodline. They are a resource you should greatly take advantage of.

Why? I've paid them money and got my dog - what else do I need them for?

The short answer? - LOTS OF THINGS! If you ever encounter a problem or issue with your puppy, your breeder should be there to help. A reputable breeder is with you for life - not just when the sale is over! They are extremely knowledgeable in both English Bulldogs in general, as well as the specific litter your baby came from. Responsible breeders have invested a lot of time (and money!) to make sure your puppy gets off to a good start. They genuinely care about their puppies and want to hear about what's going on with your dog - good stuff, and bad stuff. Plus, their knowledge of the bloodline, the breed, and the lineage of your new puppy, makes them an invaluable resource for pretty much everything related to your new English Bulldog. Most breeders have tips and tricks that can help you through tough situations you encounter with your English Bulldog puppy.

Why your Breeder is an Important Contact What happens if your life changes in such a way that you can't keep your puppy anymore? If so, the first person you should call is your breeder. Most breeders have stipulations in their contracts that require you to contact them first in the event you can no longer take care of the puppy. A reputable breeder will always be willing to take the puppy back, regardless of age. If this happens to you, do not worry about the breeder judging you! They have encountered all types of people in their industry and they will be happy you contacted them first, rather than giving the puppy away to an unfit home. A good breeder's first responsibility is always their dogs. If they cannot take the puppy back for whatever reason, they will do everything in their power to ensure the puppy is transferred to a good home. Be wary of any breeders that are not willing to take puppies back!

Help the Breeder Help You Your breeder greatly appreciates feedback - the information you share with them is invaluable. They encourage you to discuss things you discover about health, temperament, or other problems you encounter so they can use that information in their future breeding decisions. Reputable breeders care about breeding the healthiest dogs possible, and feedback from you is extremely valuable in their quest to do so.

Most importantly, your breeder knows your puppy better than anyone else! They should be willing and welcome to provide feedback or answer any questions you have. Experienced breeders have encountered almost every situation imaginable over their course of their breeding program. This doesn't include just your puppy years - continue to remain in contact with your breeder even when your dog reaches adulthood. They can help with adult issues as well as puppy issues, regardless of your location or your dogs age.


Sweetgrass English Bulldogs encourages and appreciates communication from our customers! Got a question? A problem? A cute picture of your baby sleeping on the couch? Send it to us! We love updates and hearing about how your new puppy is adjusting in its new home.

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